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November 13, 2008

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club’s Villa JC Stevens won the award of best interior design (conference, meeting & banqueting areas) at the European Hotel Design Awards. The hotel from 1963 is owned by Choice Hotels Scandinavia and has been renovated by design firm Stylt Trampoli. The villa has an intimate feel with tasteful design where keywords are Gant, Ralph Lauren and Newport, undoubtedly inspired by the America’s Cup. Not only is Villa JC Stevens named after the very first captain to win the America’s Cup with the the ship America, the cup’s namesake, the 12 rooms are individually designed with the same number victorious ships in mind.

Villa JC Stevens bedroom

Villa JC Stevens interior

Library JC Stevens


Funny fact: Both owner of Choice Hotels Scandinavia, Petter Anker Stordalen and Creative Director of Stylt Trampoli, Erik Nissen Johansen are Norwegians.

Sources: Stenungsbaden Yacht Club



November 12, 2008


Drammen citys richest man is denied fulfilling his vision of a park surrounding his home. After heir to the Block Watne company, Lars Nilsen, bought his ‘dream house since age 15’, “Lyche-villaen”/”Villa Lyche”, he has acquired three neighboring houses -all of which he wishes to tear down. The houses are from the 1930s built in the style of Functionalism (or Modernism) and represents an important aspect of the city’s architectural history and culture, according to local newspaper DT.

Villa Lyche

Funny fact: His company builds houses.

Photo, Source: Blom, Drammens Tidende


November 8, 2008

Is the owners of luxury homes feeling the financial crisis? Two properties in the high-end segment have been on the market for months, each with a price-tag of 70 Million Norwegian Kroner, not selling. A townhouse from 1884, built by architect Ove Laurentius Ekman, has  been renovated for millions in the exclusive neighborhood of Briskeby in Frogner west in Oslo. At 1,100 square meter it includes no less than 11 bathrooms, eight fireplaces, three balconies and roof-top terrace.

Eilert Sundts Gate 33

Eilert Sundts Gate 33

Eilert Sundts Gate 33

Eilert Sundts Gate 33

Eilert Sundts Gate 33

Another property just outside the city is the gated 1,400 square meter Halden Hovedgård (Halden Manor) (photo below, down-right corner) perched on a small hilltop on the island of Snarøya. It too has been completely renovated since the seller bought it in 2002 and the property even features a beach (painting by Kaare Espolin Johnson from 1930 at the end of the post) and a wharf by the water. There are panorama-views in all directions, but nosy neighbors have no view of the house.

Haldenveien 2

Haldenveien 2


Haldenveien 2

Halden Hovedgård beach by Kaare Espolin Johnson

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